“The seed of suffering in you may be strong,
but don’t wait until you have no more suffering before allowing yourself
to be happy.”

- Thich Nhat Hanh

The Flourish for Health Program is designed for people who are at risk of becoming or who are already overweight or obese, and can be customised to suit any fitness level.

Flourish for Health is a 6 to 12 week program designed specifically for people wanting to make changes to their weight management. It is offered both individually and in a group format. The program includes weekly psychology sessions as well as a weekly walking/exercise group. Flourish is designed for people who want to make some positive changes in their lives to assist them to reach an optimal level of health and happiness. The groups are based on the evidence-based strategies of Positive Psychology, Cognitive-Behavioural Psychology and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Research has demonstrated that it is possible to become happier regardless of our life’s circumstances or our temperament (Seligman, 2002). The aim of your work with Louise is not only to reduce feelings of depression or lose weight, but is also to foster the growth of positive emotions – of happiness, joy and contentment.  You will consider what it means for you to ‘live a life worth living’ and live these values on a daily basis.

Over many years, research has shown us that exercise interventions have beneficial effects on mild and moderate feelings of depression (eg Blumenthal et al 2007). Exercise has been shown to be helpful in weight maintenance (USA National Weight Control Registry). While completing Flourish for Health, you will be assisted to develop exercise habits. As part of developing an exercise habit, Louise will attend a weekly walking group with you. Through the practice of mindfulness you will explore some of the psychological barriers to exercise that occur for you. You can continue to participate in the walking group once you have completed the program. A referral to an Exercise Physiologist and/or Dietician may be discussed with you during your first session.

In this group you will:

• Set personal goals
• Explore and clarify your value system
• Practice living consistently with your value system
• Acquire new skills to assist in managing thoughts and feelings
• Understand the self sabotage process
• Learn and practice the process of mindfulness  
• Develop a healthy daily rhythm
• Increase your capacity to manage stressful life events
• Identify your strengths
• Participate in a weekly exercise/walking group with Louise
• Meet others who are as motivated as you to make changes to their lives
• Be provided with comprehensive resources
• Develop skills and strategies which will assist you to maintain change

Your first session will involve a comprehensive psychological assessment. This information will be used to assist you in the implementation of techniques and strategies provided during the program.

For additional information and Flourish Happiness Program dates, click here.

Remember, getting your life back on track needn’t cost you the earth. Check with your private health fund about psychology rebates.

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